March 31, 2020

A Day In The Life Of Ashijit Pramanik

MishiPay's Head of DevOps and Delivery, based in our Bangalore office.

As a senior member of the MishiPay team, we get Ashijit’s thoughts on the different elements of his role and how the company has evolved during his time here.

As our Head of DevOps and Delivery, Ashijit’s main responsibility is to make sure that the software infrastructure of MishiPay is running without any hitches and that we deliver solutions quickly to our users. This includes making sure that product updates are applied securely and with minimal disruptions. When MishiPay goes live in-stores around the world, Ashijit, with the help of the rest of his team, ensures the integrations happen as smoothly as possible.

Day-to-day, the diversity of Ashijit’s role certainly keeps him busy. From servicing various technical requests to liaising with the different departments of the business, Ashijit enjoys the autonomy in coming up with technical solutions and exposure to different parts of the business his role brings.

“In simple terms, my main focus is to make sure that we ‘connect the wires’, so to speak, of our technical infrastructure which can affect different business departments such as developments, delivery, sales and marketing.”

“This ultimately means that I’ll do different things daily. I usually start the day with our morning stand up meetings to get up to speed with any developments and ensure that the team is across all of their projects and the tasks they need to carry out. Then I’ll check Jira for any outstanding tickets that need to be dealt with. From there I could have a request from a member of the sales team while they’re in the field or I could spend a decent amount of time writing automation scripts, helping QA or developers investigate a bug and so on. The autonomy and diversity the role brings keeps me constantly busy and challenged”.

Another part of Ashijit’s role (and with the help of the rest of the team) is to identify and improve processes and platforms to better manage projects and ensure that MishiPay launches happen smoothly.

“The implementation of platforms like Jira has allowed the team to constantly keep on top of our workload and effectively prioritise tasks that come up which ultimately means we don’t just ship any software, but a software that’s continuously high quality and robust.”

Looking back over the last year he has been with the Bangalore team, Ashijit has seen a lot of changes in terms of cultural developments at MishiPay as well. “I’m excited about the new cultural framework we’ve implemented at MishiPay. I know that we will get the best out of our team with this approach without compromising on work-life balance and also ensure that we’re kept to a high standard for delivery as well.”

“Outside of the office, the Bangalore team is very close-knit. We enjoy partaking in team exercises and activities together. However, we know that when there is work to be done, we need to be focused to make sure it’s the best it can be, constantly living up to our company values.”

Ashijit Pramanik – Head of DevOps and Delivery

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