March 27, 2020

Considering Mobile Self-Checkout? What You Should Know

Our Director of Sales for the UK and Netherlands, Kingsly Kaba, explains what you should know when considering mobile self-checkout.

It should no longer be a secret to retailers: queuing costs money. Almost £284 billion is lost yearly due to abandoned baskets caused by long queues (Adyen report 2019). What’s encouraging to see, however, is retailers are fighting back by implementing solutions aimed at making the checkout experience faster. But as covered in a previous blog, some of these technologies prevent shoppers from enjoying the fully frictionless checkout experience they yearn for.

Mobile self-checkout technology addresses the problem of queuing while aiming to enhance the shopping experience for retail shoppers. In the sections below, we will discuss what you need to know when considering mobile self-checkout technology.

Understand the benefits

Before implementing mobile self-checkout technology, retailers should evaluate their stores to understand things like average queuing times, peak times and transaction volumes to see where implementing mobile self-checkout technology will have the greatest impact. Measuring basket abandonment rates will also be useful in understanding the potential value of deploying mobile self-checkout technology in your stores.


Engage key stakeholders

Retailers should also take a moment to understand the opportunities this technology presents across your entire business. Mobile self-checkout technology impacts the whole business, from Sales and Operations to Marketing and Innovation and many other departments. It is important that key stakeholders are engaged in the planning and deployment process to ensure and align on goals and objectives. 

Consider the cost compared to alternatives. 

When compared to other solutions, retailers do not have to buy any costly or bulky hardware or devices that we know can cost a fortune. With MishiPay’s mobile self-checkout solution, the only hardware that is needed is a shopper’s smartphone! And as we have covered, mobile technology has effectively changed the current shopping landscape and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Consider shopper adoption

Over 82% of shoppers have their mobile phones with them when shopping in-store. Providing a checkout experience based on the mobile-first nature of modern shopping drives user adoption. With MishiPay’s solution, shoppers have the option to use mobile self-checkout on a variety of platforms. They can choose to download a native app or checkout as a guest on a mobile browser-based version that requires no download.


You’re able to go live quickly

Given the low-touch requirements to integrate mobile self-checkout technology, retailers can go live fast. With MishiPay, you can be live in-store in as little as 6 weeks. There are three simple integrations required: product catalogue, payment provider and order management systems. Retailers also have the option to include RFID technology, promotions, and loyalty engine integrations, too.

If retailers have a clearly defined roadmap for integration, understand where it can add value for their stores and learn just how easy it can be integrated, then they are in an excellent position to reap the full benefits of mobile self-checkout technology.

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