March 5, 2020

Making Loyalty Easier with MishiPay

MishiPay users can now enjoy the benefits of their loyalty memberships with every purchase. 

Make it easy for shoppers to save and use their favourite loyalty programmes with MishiPay.

After months of development, we are excited to announce that shoppers can now redeem rewards from their favourite loyalty programmes using MishiPay’s new ‘Loyalty Engine’.

It’s as simple as Scan, Link, Go!


Shoppers use MishiPay on their mobiles to shop and scan the barcodes of their chosen items.


Shoppers can then simply link their loyalty details by scanning a card’s barcode or by inputting a membership number, allowing them to start enjoying the benefits of your loyalty programmes. The shopper’s details are saved for their next shop too.


After they have paid from the app, the shopper is free to leave the store! No more missing out on any loyalty rewards or offers, our Loyalty Engine takes care of it all!

Shoppers will never miss out on the chance to save or redeem rewards again. Has a shopper left a loyalty card at home or can’t remember their membership number? No problem! The information is fully digitised and stored in the app, available right at their fingertips.

Retailers can also send push notifications and in-app messages through MishiPay to offer exclusive incentives for those shoppers that have not signed up for a loyalty programme or membership.

We’re continuously working to improve our technology and offer shoppers and retailers an enhanced shopping experience through mobile self-checkout technology. Keep your eyes peeled on the MishiPay blog for more developments.


Shop Smarter with MishiPay.


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