July 13, 2020

MishiPay Joins ShopSafe Initiative

We've joined ShopSafe, an initiative created to help brick-and-mortar retail reopen, safely.

Following a lengthy lockdown period in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many brick-and-mortar retailers are starting to reopen their stores and navigate the ‘new normal’. In an effort to help retailers and their customers keep safe during this time, we are excited to announce that we have joined ShopSafe, an initiative created by our friends at RetailNext.

ShopSafe is a non-profit collective of companies that share the vision of helping American brick-and-mortar retailers reopen their shops, safely. By utilising a suite of tools and digital applications on offer under the initiative, staff and shoppers have the ability to view store capacity, the average time spent in a venue or store and any precautionary measures in place at those all in real-time. Ultimately, this provides everyone involved in the retail industry with a safer and fully transparent shopping experience.

“As America and the rest of the world adapts to the ‘new normal’ in the wake of COVID-19, retailers need a source of reliable consumer information now more than ever,” said Alexei Agratchev, CEO and co-founder of RetailNext. “ShopSafe provides benefits to everyone involved in the retail industry, giving peace of mind to consumers, employees, venue operators and retailers themselves during this period of gradual reopening and beyond.”

Included in this initiative is MishiPay’s mobile self-checkout technology. MishiPay enables shoppers to scan and pay for their products from their mobile phones. This technology eliminates the need to queue and pay at conventional checkouts, facilitating social distancing rules while also providing a truly frictionless checkout experience. To learn more about how we’re helping some of the world’s largest brands navigate their ‘new normal’, click here.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside companies Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Intel, mall operators and retailers Easton Town Center, Ted Baker, and retail technology partners Foursquare and LiveRamp to create an infrastructure aimed at providing transparency and most importantly, safety to everyone in the retail sector. A full list of members of the ShopSafe initiative can be found at www.shop-safe.org.

ShopSafe Retail and Landlord Partners




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