April 26, 2019

What Shoppers Want from Retail Technology

How retailers can keep customers happy with useful technology

Retailers are working hard to keep up with shrewd customers who are looking for a convenient and frictionless shopping experience. Today’s shoppers are more informed than ever, with product reviews and online information readily available to provide them with knowledge about the product they’re seeking before they’ve even seen it. As a result, retail technology is constantly progressing and working to find what developments customers will find most useful.

Most consumers are embracing technological developments in the retail industry with open arms. Developments that came into our lives only a few years ago are now second nature such as contactless payments and digital signage. It’s now difficult to imagine what the shopping experience was like before these innovations. But considering all the advances we are seeing, what is most important to the customer and what do shoppers really want from retail technology?

Effective Automation
Many retail technology developments are introduced in order to make the shopping experience more automated and therefore quicker and smoother for the shopper. The trouble starts when technology fails or doesn’t perform in the way it is meant to and as a result introduces friction, making the shopping experience worse for the customer.

Yes, customers want automation when it is going to improve their shopping experience. But it’s vital that the technology used to do this is reliable, efficient and effective. When automation consistently fails, both employees and shoppers are left disappointed. Retailers need to select high-performance systems for automation that remove the pain points for their shoppers.

Today, personalisation in retail goes far beyond simply ensuring marketing emails include the customer’s first name. Shoppers want a personal experience is tailored to their needs and that cuts through irrelevance. Many retailers send customers personalised offers based on previous behaviours or orders, allow the option to custom design products online, and offer in-depth sizing guides that suggest clothes based on style and fit preferences of the shopper.

Across the retail sector, a one-size-fits-all solution rarely satisfies the majority of customers. Whether it’s clothing, homewares or electronics, shoppers are looking for a brand that suits them. Technological advances in data collection allow retailers to analyse valuable information from their customers to better personalise the service or experience they provide.

Enhanced Experiences
Finally, customers want retail technology to bring them an enhanced experience. When technology and automation are reliable and personalised, retailers are already taking big steps towards enhancing a shopper’s experience. But there are so many more solutions that retailers can introduce to make this experience even better, whether it’s AI-powered product recommendations, unique in-store events or exclusive loyalty benefits.

The high street is beginning to embrace more advanced retail technology in order to keep up with online retail, and this is where the high street could take back the upper hand. When a customer is in store, a retailer should be aiming to seize the advantage of physical presence to create the ultimate customer experience, delivering what the shopper really wants.

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