Case Study

Leading Sports Retailer

In late 2019 we deployed our Scan & Go technology with one of the world’s leading sports retailers.

Our solution enables shoppers to use their own mobile phone to scan the existing barcodes on products in order to view additional item information including pricing, product photography and review information. Then, when the customer has added the items they wish to purchase to their basket, they are able to pay with the tap of a button in the app – eliminating the need to wait in a line. Our technology has been used by over 15,000 customers so far in 2020 and has enabled the retailer to operate much more efficiently, whilst delivering a delightful, frictionless experience for users.

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Delivering an exceptional customer experience

When the shopper has completed their payment, they receive a digital in-app receipt (which is also emailed to them), and they are able to exit the store. Security is delivered via the MishiPay Dashboard which tracks over 200 user data points and flags any suspicious user behaviour in order to trigger a verification by staff.  In just three months in the summer of 2020, when the stores re-opened following the Covid-19 lockdown, we saw transactions in excess of €500,000 through our platform and at an average basket value 27% higher than their country store average. What’s more, this was delivered in tandem with an exceptional experience for the user: we received an in-app rating of 4.7/5 and an NPS of 71.

Keeping both shoppers and staff safer

Following the pandemic, retailers have been trying to identify ways in which they can help stop the spread of the virus in order to keep both their customers and staff safer. Using MishiPay, shoppers no longer need to touch any store hardware; they can use their own device for their entire shopping journey. Users can check item pricing and read further information by scanning the products, which means less interaction is required between customer and staff member, and social distancing measures can be more easily adhered to because there is no need to wait in a line at the checkout. Simply Scan & Go!

The MishiPay solution has unlocked unlimited transaction capacity for this leading sports retailer. Their transactions are no longer limited by how many checkouts they are able to open; instead, they have activated the devices that their customers carry with them in order to handle much higher volumes of transactions more efficiently.

Scan & Go transactions in just three months
Increase in average basket value
Peak time penetration of total store transactions
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