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In late 2018 we deployed our mobile self checkout technology with the famous fashion brand Mango.

We deployed the solution in their store at the One New Change shopping centre in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral in central London. The store is one of Mango’s highest performing locations globally, and shoppers experience long checkout lines at peak periods. Our solution was brought in to tackle these queues and required no development work or investment in hardware from Mango.

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" MishiPay helped us deliver customer journey improvements in this test by creating Mango Fast Pay "
Carlos Madrona Guillen, Mango Payment Methods Director

Improving the customer journey

We created Mango Fast Pay, a standalone white-labelled application available on iOS, Android and web, which allowed Mango shoppers to scan and pay for their shopping using their mobile phones. This meant their customers no longer had to wait in the queue at the conventional checkout to pay for their chosen goods.

For loss prevention, Mango utilise hard tags on their products. These tags need to be removed from the clothing prior to the shopper exiting, so we created a Fast Pay desk.  When Fast Pay users completed their purchase, they visited this desk and sales associates removed the security hard tag from their goods and verified their purchase using the MishiPay Dashboard.

MishiPay’s technology facilitated a significant reduction in the average checkout time in the store, and as a result we saw very high adoption rates for our solution and an in-app rating from users of 4.8/5.

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