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Saturn Express

Together with MediaMarktSaturn, in 2018 we created Saturn Express; Europe’s first cashierless consumer electronics store.

Located in Innsbruck in Austria, the store featured no conventional tills; MishiPay was the sole method of payment for shoppers. As the store was much smaller than Saturn’s average store footprint, this allowed the retailer to devote the full floorspace to product display and stock rather than to tills and their associated hardware.

The video below shows our app in action and explains more about how we integrated RFID-enabled loss prevention into our solution.

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" We love the MishiPay team and are very excited about our partnership "
Martin Wild, Chief Innovation Officer, MediaMarktSaturn

RFID-enabled loss prevention

In order to protect the store against theft, we integrated our mobile self-checkout solution with the RFID security tags on Saturn’s products. Thanks to our patent-pending technology, when a shopper purchased a product we disabled the security on the purchased items ensuring that they did not trigger the store alarms, enabling the customer to leave the store.

In addition to RFID security, we implemented the MishiPay dashboard in the store. This gave sales associates a real-time view of activity in the store, alerting them when a customer was scanning and when they had made a purchase.

These measures meant that we saw no increase in shrink when compared to the Saturn store average. On top of this, MishiPay proved hugely popular in the store; we generated return users of 20% in just one month.

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Repeat users in just one month
Increase in theft against the Saturn average
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