Our Scan & Go technology helps to keep both staff and shoppers safer in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

MishiPay was founded to help retailers and shoppers. For us, in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, there has never been a more important time to eliminate queues in stores, to give shoppers autonomy over their shopping journey and to reduce the need for staff intervention in the purchase process.

Our technology can help stop the spread of the virus by facilitating social distancing by enabling shoppers to use their own device to pay for their shopping from any location in your store. What’s more, this eliminates consumer and staff contact with cash and hardware.

Using MishiPay also maximises the efficiency of your store by increasing your transaction capacity and liberating staff from the checkouts to meet shopper demand. On top of this, our technology can be easily configured to bring in restrictions on the quantities of specific items that each user can purchase, rather than requiring staff intervention to do so.

We have the potential to positively impact this situation and have actively restructured our resources in order to fully dedicate ourselves to assisting retailers in re-opening their stores. We have worked hard to develop a streamlined go-live system which now enables us to deliver our technology at record speed; as little as two weeks.

Contact us now to schedule a demo of our technology and to hear more about how we are helping retailers to re-open their stores.

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