Payment Solutions

MishiPay facilitates immediate payment at the optimum moment, which benefits both shoppers and shops.

In a conventional brick and mortar retail experience, the moment a shopper decides which goods they wish to purchase is not the moment they actually buy them. The shopper has to first locate the checkouts, travel to them and then often negotiate a lengthy queue. During this delay between the initial purchase decision and the completion of the transaction, the likelihood of the shopper abandoning some or all of their basket increases. Using MishiPay enables retailers to tackle these problems and increase their sales.

With MishiPay, a shopper can pay for their shopping using their mobile phone from any location in the store. Instead of having to locate the checkout and queue up for service, with MishiPay a shopper can purchase immediately.


We integrate our solution with the retailers’ payment gateway and are able to build-in a wide variety of payment methods to our apps. To make payment as simple and swift as possible for the user, we work with each retailer to build a bespoke toolkit of payment methods that they would like to make available to their shoppers. Depending on the location of the retailer’s stores, this can include Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and more, and of course a huge range of credit and debit cards.

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