Retail Technology

Utilising digital technology to revitalise performance in physical retail stores.

Our high streets are losing the battle with e-commerce. The ease and convenience of buying online is resulting in declining footfall in retail centres and a number of high profile retailers are reporting falling sales.

Retail technology solutions are one of the ways that brick and mortar retailers can fight back. Utilising digital technology to delight shoppers and improve the customer experience in-store can help retailers to draw customers to their physical stores and keep them coming back.

We believe in the inherent strengths of high street shopping; expert advice, immediacy, human interaction and being able to touch and feel the product. MishiPay is a retail technology solution that supplements these strengths by bringing the best of the online buying experience in to brick and mortar stores; by offering a fast and personalised checkout experience to the user, we echo what they have become used to online. Our technology puts the checkout in the pocket of the user, allowing them to buy their chosen items immediately, and from anywhere in the store.



According to recent research by Salesforce (Mobile Shopping Focus report, 2018), 72% of shoppers age 17-44 use their mobile phones in stores. MishiPay allows retailers to leverage this majority, giving shoppers a valuable reason to engage with the retailer whilst in the store, rather than browsing elsewhere and decreasing the chance of converting into a purchaser.

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Forrester now estimates that 53 percent of all purchase decisions are digitally influenced
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