“Improve your sales, profitability and data insights with MishiPay.”

MishiPay's technology allows in-store shoppers to pick up a product, scan the barcode with their phone, pay with their phone and simply leave the store. What's more, our patent-pending technology ensures that if a customer tries to walk out without paying, the store alarms will immediately sound.

We provide a fully theft-proof scan, pay and leave solution that eliminates queuing in retail stores and bridges the gap between e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar stores, creating a truly omni-channel experience.


SCAN, PAY and LEAVE. That’s it, the moment a shopper wants to buy an item they can just scan and pay on the spot. This creates significantly faster footfall conversion and means traditional tills are no longer required - giving retailers more floorspace to utilise.


From the very first step of logging into the app, through integration of social media, we are unlocking a much more engaging experience for each and every shopper.


Seamless and cost-efficient security through RFID tags makes this solution sustainable while our integration with retailers' current systems and our ability to use existing barcodes makes MishiPay easy and cost-effective to adopt.


Shoppers will experience the convenience of eCommerce in-store, while Retailers will benefit from combining the best of both worlds and cross-selling and upselling across platforms.


Data that used to only be available online will now be available in-store! Using MishiPay, you can know not just what shoppers are buying but also what they are considering buying and why.

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