March 2, 2020

Meet the MishiPay Lead Developers

We celebrate the 2-year working anniversaries of our London-based Dev team. (Abhishek Mukundan - left, Samik Banik - middle, and Nikil Mathew - right)

At MishiPay, we are proud to employ some of the best technical minds in the business. At the start of the year, we celebrated the 2-year working anniversaries of three of our Lead Developers, Samik Banik (Android Lead Developer), Nikil Mathew (Web Lead Developer), and Abhishek Mukundan (iOS Lead Developer). Here, we look to celebrate this milestone and get to know what it takes to be a Developer at MishiPay.

Starting between the tail end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, Samik, Nikil and Abhishek joined MishiPay in India when the company was an office of just five people! After successfully running a pilot with our customer MediaMarktSaturn in Innsbruck, Austria, the team knew they had set the benchmark for MishiPay’s evolution. Since then, they’ve helped the company grow significantly, with MishiPay being integrated with some of the worlds largest retailers.

After a year and a half of working in India, Samik, Nikil and Abhishek had the opportunity to move to London. This enabled them to experience first hand the market demands and learn not only about the evolution of scan and go technology, but about retail technology in general in one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.

Nikil: “A major benefit of working in the London office is being able to react to challenges and learn how the market operates ‘first hand’. Here we can see and anticipate what customers and app users want.”

Samik: “Technology in general moves fast, so being able to learn about these developments and see how we can integrate them to make MishiPay better is a major benefit.”

Abhishek: “Now being close to the HQ team and retail sector, the team and I are highly motivated to learn from the best minds here. Our aim at the end of the day is to improve MishiPay’s core technology in the retail sector.”

As Development Leads for MishiPay, the team’s day-to-day sees them continuously improve MishiPay on all platforms as MishiPay continues to set the standard for retail technology and seamless checkout innovation. This also includes crossing over into other areas of the business which keeps their roles fresh and diverse.

Nikil: “Part of our role and something that is always top of mind is how to improve MishiPay as technology in general improves. This helps MishiPay stay at the forefront of the market and keeps us ahead of our competitors. Working at MishiPay means we can be somewhat experimental when it comes to solving problems and trying new things. If something doesn’t work, we learn from it and move on quickly. Also knowing that we are involved in pushing scan and go technology to its limits is something that excites us.”

Samik: “Communication between teams is also imperative. Another key aspect of the role is to act as a bridge and ensure the communications between the tech teams in India and London are smooth and seamless, so we can keep delivering to a high standard.”

Abhishek: “As an iOS developer, the learning curve throughout my journey so far has been steep but very insightful. My role allows me to crossover to different departments such as finance, management and sales which keeps it fresh and exciting.”

Outside the office, the guys like to partake in a range of activities including sky diving (yes, sky diving), playing music and travelling.

Congratulations to the three Leads for their hard work and for continuously making MishiPay the best it can be!

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