Our Founder and CEO, Mustafa Khanwala, explores in-depth how mobile self-checkout can help retailers stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Our thoughts are with you and your family in these uncertain times. As we realise the severity of the crisis we face, we understand that we are all in this together and it is at times like these that we must come together and support each other.


We created MishiPay with the dream of saving time for shoppers so that they never have to wait in a queue again. It is more important to do this now than ever before. Using our mobile self-checkout technology, shoppers can simply scan, pay and go, which not only eliminates queuing but also reduces contact with store hardware. This creates a safer environment for both staff and shoppers.


Me and my team at MishiPay are thus dedicating every ounce of energy we have into making this a reality. We will never compare to the real heroes; the doctors, nurses, grocery store staff, and all other essential workers, but if we can help even one of them get through their shopping journey faster, help prevent the spread of the virus to even one checkout staff, or help just one small convenience store remain open, we will have done our bit, we will have made a difference, and that’s more than we could hope for.


Convenience stores and supermarkets are currently seeing unprecedented levels of traffic and pressure on store staff due to COVID-19. It is now critical to have a checkout technology that gives retailers the opportunity to serve their customers while still keeping everyone safe. We believe this is how we can help with Scan and Go:


Safe shops, safer shoppers


Facilitate social distancing by enabling shoppers to use their own phone to scan and pay for their shopping from any location in your store. Shoppers and staff no longer need to touch cash or store hardware.


Quick checkout, quicker shops


Maximise the efficiency of your store by increasing transaction capacity and liberating staff from the checkouts to meet demand.


Smart shops, smarter stock


Use our technology to regulate quantities of specific items that each user can purchase and change the regulations in real-time.


Several major retailers are already deploying scan and go in some way or another, and kudos to them for that. However, this has taken years of work and a huge amount of money and manpower. As neither time, money nor people are abundant resources for anyone right now, we have actively re-engineered our solution to cater to the needs of retailers who do not offer Scan and Go currently and need something live in their stores today.


Here is how we are making our technology readily available in the current times:


Quick Deployment


Go-live in just 2 weeks with full product catalogue, promotions, payment and POS integration.


Simple Onboarding


Use our suite of E-learning tools to remotely train store teams and get them ready to empower shoppers with Scan and Go.


Reliable Support


Mishipay teams are available to support store staff with queries, updates and relevant information.

We are actively working with each of our existing customers on making this a reality and we would be honoured to help any grocery and convenience stores keep their shops, staff and shoppers, safer in the current environment.


On behalf of the whole MishiPay family.

Yours sincerely,

Mustafa Khanwala,

on behalf of the whole MishiPay family