Product Scanning

Using product scanning to blend the best of online and offline retail.

Our user feedback shows that shoppers love using MishiPay for the high speed checkout that we facilitate, and also for the additional product information we display in our apps and the more personalised experience our technology enables.

By enabling shoppers to scan products with our apps, we give retailers the opportunity to display additional product information to the user that they otherwise might not be able to display in-store. This echoes the experience that users have become used to online; using MishiPay we can tell a shopper about the provenance of a product, how it is made, the other colours or sizes in which it is available, and even where it is in stock.

Product scanning also gives us priceless data to share with retailers. We can share multiple datapoints, but perhaps the most useful for retailers is having visibility of items that a shopper scanned but did not subsequently purchase. This data has been used by retailers online for years, but the in-store ‘abandoned basket’ is a relative unknown for many retailers. Having the information on what a shopper scanned but did not buy opens up huge possibilities for the retailer in terms of re-targeting the user at a later point. The data our solution generates also helps retailers to understand more about their in-store environment, their pricing/promotion strategy and the user journey in-store.

Each app we build is tailored to the retailer we are working with, and we are able to facilitate the shopper scanning almost any type of barcode and/or QR codes. This means that retailers do not have to re-label their inventory to use MishiPay; we integrate with their existing systems.


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