Mobile Self-Checkout

Give shoppers the power to scan and pay for their shopping using their mobile phones. Say goodbye to queueing at the checkout.

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In the summer of 2015, our founder and CEO spent 20 minutes queueing at the checkout to purchase a single can of soda. Whilst standing in the queue he had the idea for MishiPay; mobile self-checkout that would put the checkout in the shoppers’ pocket and mean that customers would no longer have to wait to pay for their purchases. Since then, we have been developing the capabilities of the MishiPay solution, building our team and growing our list of customers.

Our mobile self-checkout apps enable brick and mortar store customers to use their mobile phones to scan the products they’re interested in. Then, when they’ve completed their shopping, they can use the app to purchase their chosen items. This can be done immediately, and from any location in the store – which means the shopper no longer has to locate a checkout or waste time queueing up to use it.  Our technology maximises the chance of a consumer purchasing the products they’re interested in because they can buy instantly; with MishiPay there is no longer a delay between the decision to purchase an item and actually buying it.

Our retail technology solution requires no investment in additional hardware by the retailer. Thanks to our carefully curated partner network we are able to integrate with the retailers’ existing back-office systems and payment gateway to ensure that implementation is high speed and low cost. This means we can go live with a retailer in as little as four weeks.

Read more about how MishiPay benefits retailers, or contact us for a demonstration of our mobile self-checkout technology.




The 2018 Adyen UK Retail Report revealed that European retailers lost more than €17.9 billion to competitors because of long queues and waiting times in the last 12 months
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